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    After reading booone0's thread I got some ideas o_O

    I've been thinking about making a hammock as well, but one problem i've been pondering was the bug netting. How well would velcro work instead of a zipper? I was thinking that maybe a velcro would be easier to get in and out of if you are just hanging out. You could just get in or out and let it go and it would just flap down and stick on. Also, at night you wouldn't have any problems if the zipper were to get stuck having low visibilty and what not. Anyways, i was thinking of doing something like this -

    Now something else I thought about is that maybe one could sew into the actual hammock like an extra tab sewn into the edge of the hammock for the buttons on the outside of the hammock/the inside of the netting to clip into, instead of sewing the buttons directly into the hammock fabric part which might compromise the structural integrity of the hammock itself over time.

    Something like this -

    Has anyone tried this before? What type of Velcro would you think to use on something like this? I was thinking of either thick Heavy duty tabs, or weaves of smaller tabls in like a tic tac toe sort of design, to make like several cells of velcro all along the sides of the hammock.

    Also i'm a heavy guy, my dimensions are 6'5" 330ish, but i would want something where myself and another person could sit in comfortably, and i was wondering what type of fabric to make the hammock out of. I'm hesitant of the whipping procedure because it just doesn't look like it would hold up after i toss and turn throughout the night.

    Any kind of feedback would be helpful.
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    It looks like the velcro and button combination would add more complexity and weight than a zipper. My take on velcro - and I have limited experience with hammocks - is that it's not the best for this application. Don't get me wrong - I hate zippers, and usually have problems with them. However, I really think that a zipper is the best thing to use in this type of application. While velcro is pretty fail-safe - it's hard to break it - it would be a pain to line up the velcro every time you want to be sealed from bugs. Also, it looks to me (I may be misunderstanding the drawing) that you are going to have patches of velcro instead of one sealed strip. I'm not sure if this will keep bugs out as effectively as a full strip or a zipper.

    Keep in mind that I'm still trying to get a whipping that is comfortable (I'm very comfortable on my back but can't lay on my stomach and can sort of lay on my side) and I haven't started sewing on a zipper. I've hacked one off of a sleeping bag and I'll do it as soon as I get some noseeum net. So, I've got limited experience with all of this.

    Maybe a double layer 1.9 hammock? It might hold the weight of you and another person but I don't know if it would be comfortable. As for solo sleeping the whipping is surprisingly strong. I'm pretty skinny but I'm just using a zip tie and it holds well.

    The sides of a hennessy clone don't hold as much weight as the center does, due to how it's whipped. So, you might get away with sewing more on the sides.

    Good luck and post pics!

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    Here is another post regarding velcro vs zippers.
    Hope this helps

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