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Well,,,, sorry if i'm taking us off topic a bit here . I've looked at these watercolors for years yearning to see it and realizing i probably won't. I went to the book of prints ,his Scotland collection and also the map of the Caingorms you provided a link to. Looks like a number of paintings are in the park.
Glenn Muick
Glenn Clova
Dee Valley and Inverclaud,,,,,and lots of others,,,,only makes sense he'd spend a bit of time in the park as THE Cottage is down the Dee.
Anyway really enjoyed the pics Rich.

Any chance of a look at those paintings sometime Bill, it'd be nice to see if I recognise the Dee area in any of them

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Excellent report and some very beautiful scenery. I always enjoy seeing the different wilderness setting that other countries offer. Thanks for taking us on a tour thru the heather fields!
Thanks for the kind comments Str1der, I have the same thoughts when I see the scale and variety of your country, the closest I've been to Georgia was Cancun in 2000 and NY in 2003

I've just stuck my kit list up if anyone's interested