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    I have both types of material, but there's not much difference in function because the black is so translucent. I like the view of the trees through the clear cuben.

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    There ya go again Dave .. I would say all the .51 Cuben is translucent .. I like the way a cat-cut RL looks ..but in cuben I see no real need for it .. it doesn't stretch .. the cat -cut works great for sil .. perhaps it would give a tad bit more room on the ends for your hammock suspension .. I do like a cat-cut on the bottom .. if you're only using tie-outs at the corners .. if you have a center tie-out I don't see a need ..

    2Tall I'm thinking you'll need to do a tarp the doesn't have a traditional seamed RL .. instead have two seams running about where the tie out would fall .. on a roll width of 54'' your seams would fall about 25'' down from the RL .. and the would allow you to add another 52'' piece .. giving you 77'' down from the RL .. or split a 54'' piece and add it to the bottom.. either way you'd have two seams
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