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    Tarp Thread

    Anybody know where you can get additional tarp thread that comes with Hennessy Hammock tarps? I am sure I can substitute paracord for any additional length I need but thought it would be nice to match what I already have.

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    I'm assuming that you're referring to the cordage they provide for guy lines? If so, have you considered contacting HH directly and either asking them to send you some, or find out where they purchase/what the product is specifically? I'd start there.

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    That's what I am looking for. I actually did get them to send me some extra as the hammock I received already had some frayed line. After receiving it, I figured it would be nice to buy some on my own. I wanted to avoid asking them as I thought they would offer it for sale on their own if they were selling it so was hoping some here had figured out where they obtained it.

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