Hey HF, got the last piece of my gear last night; ENO BugNet. I haven't had a chance to hang it yet, but looking over ENOs recommend method of hanging it and my current setup I thought I'd throw a question or two out to you guys and gals about possible options.

I installed a ASR that I got from whoppieslings.com on my DN. I have have it dialed in pretty well I think and it is tensioned with just the slightest amount of play in the line while in the hammock. My question or thought basically boils down to this. The ENO folks want you to hang another RL and attach the net with their clips to hold the net up. My concern is, if I add this other RL for the net then I'm afraid my tarp is going to be much higher than I want it. So wondering if it would work to just let the ENO net rest on my ASR and maybe even steal one of my daughters ponytail holders to "bunch up" the excess net under the hammock to keep it off the ground? Was also thinking this might help with two other issues; 1- the net would then be resting on the hammock suspension (no additional ropes to hang) and 2 - would enable the cinch ends of the net to close down on the gathered ends of the hammock better.

I'll certainly be testing it out this weekend before my upcoming trips, but thought if any of y'all had any thoughts or comments on this setup it would give me more to noodle on while I tweak this setup. Thanks. -ck