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    Love the Travel Hammock, but make it lighter?

    Bought one of these from the Sportsman's Guide as well, love it! Bought the double as well from We take them camping with our pop-up and the kids fight over them.

    My Ultralight from the Sportsman's Guide weighs in at 15oz with the hanging ropes stuffed in the sack.

    The ropes are 2.5 oz
    The hammock w/o the ropes is 12.5 oz (seems a little heavy to me, SG lists it a 7oz, thought it was 10oz when I bought it).

    How can I take this wonderful piece of gear, and lighten the load a bit?

    My thoughts...

    -Replace the steel s-hooks with ultralight 'biners (which ones?)
    -Replace the rope hanging kit with something lighter (but what?)

    Fabric seems pretty good, but what if it were Cuben Fiber? or something that didn't need to support 250lbs, more like 200lbs or less.

    I'd love to be able to carry a hammock like this with me everywhere, but would like to find a way to shrink it about 50% all 'round (packed size and weight, not neccessarily physical cut size).

    Any ideas? Can I make one myself? Is there a simple pattern out there? or plans?

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    you can check out the mods I did to a Travel Hammock. Same mods as my Claytor.
    I used webbing and tri-glides for the support, and sewed daisy chains to attach a ridgeline, same for the tarp.
    you can also make a larkshead with spectra and use tree huggers w/ biners-or ring buckles-or cinch buckles- theres pro'lly a dozen ways to improve the suspension on the TH. The stock suspension is fine for the rec user me thinks, but for serious use as a shelter Id go with webbing.

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