Howdy everyone, I've been lurking the forum for a while and figured I'd hop in and introduce myself. Just over a year ago I joined another outdoors forum (Bushcraftusa, my name is Chert there as well) in an attempt to try out a new hobby. I didn't grow up camping or living by the woods, so I was fairly new to it all. After a few months of researching and getting a decent kit together, I went on my maiden voyage. Well turns out, I LOVE camping.

The first few trips were a little rocky, but great learning experiences. I then linked up with a few locals from the forums and went on my first actual backpacking trip, an absolutely grueling experience, my gear was way too heavy (50 pounds), the distance way too far, and the elevation gain way too intense (second night was spent above the tree line at 10.5k elevation). Needless to say, this put a big damper on my gung-ho attitude towards camping.

I gave myself a few months recovery time and hopped right back into it, same people as before but a much easier trip. Well the love came right back to me 10 fold, backpacking was unlike any camping I have ever done, so free and empowering, nothing like car camping. Slowly I began to whittle down my weight and my gear, quickly learning what I actually used and didn't use on trips. I went on a few more backpacking trips throughout last year, ever learning and ever changing my gear. The last trip I went on, my buddy used his hammock to sleep in for the first time, he is a very experienced camper and the next morning said multiple times "that was the best nights sleep I have ever had in the woods" Well that sealed it, I HAD to hammock camp.

Now here I am, a little bit of knowledge gained throughout the course of a year, about 10 or so backpacking trips under my belt, and the itch to hammock. I've watched all of Shugs and ProfessorHammocks vids (which are incredible and packed full of info) and have a good amount of notes taken, I just need to take the plunge and purchase my first hammock.

Thanks for reading, I am open to any questions or comments, and thanks for having me here