I've had my Winter Incubator 0F with 4 oz of overstuff for a couple months now, and recently have been able to get out and use it. Lately, I've taken to sleeping in the backyard, much to the chagrin of the wife. Plus the weird looks/comments I get from the neighbors. With no fences, makes it easy for them to be nosy. : )) My underquilt is very warm, I love how it instantly seems to radiate heat back to your skin. I'm positive I don't have it setup right, so I'm hoping for some pointers. It doesn't want to stay in place after I get in and position it. It wants to slide off over my back to the right side. Ironically, I had the same issue with a quilt that I made, it really wasn't that well designed anyway's, hence the Incubator. I've tried tightening the bungee cords etc. In my line of work, repairing weapons, 9 times out of ten, it's not a malfunction, just user error. Meanwhile, I've resorted to attaching a thin piece of shock cord to the small straps on each side and over the ridge line. That works, but causes a bit of shoulder compression. I appreciate the help, thanks.


Edit: Warbonnet Blackbird, and the UQ is the new version