So I've been thinking (a lot) about the adjustments you make for proper fit to underquilts, and I was wondering if these statements could be considered true (this is for a grade by the way!). If I have some basic concepts to grasp, it's much easier for me to know what to adjust when. Tell me what you experts think and if what I'm saying here could be true (or if I'm just full of **** usual! ):

1. The suspension system provided with a JRB Nest, adjusts how much dead air space there is between the bottom of the hammock and the quilt (too much, slide the suspension out to bring the underquilt up, too little, slide the suspension inward to lower the underquilt)

2. The two shock cords at each end of the underquilt adjust how much airflow there is between the deadspace between the hammock/underquilt (so in cold temps...keep those suckers cinched up to keep warm air in, or hotter temps, open them up and let cool air rush through)

3. Achieving the perfect "fit" depends on temps/wind and the adjustment of dead airspace (suspension) and air flow (cinched ends).