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Thread: 4 layer IX UQ

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    4 layer IX UQ

    Anyone make one of these with 4 layers instead of 3? I am thinking I could make one of these and convince my friend to try it if I can get the rating down to 25* or so. I am looking at using the pattern with 1.1 only on the bottom and using a fourth layer of IX that is 42" wide. Would this work?

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    My 3 layer IX works for me down to the low 30's (max), so you could get to 25 ok. I also used a 1.1 rip stop on the bottom only. People tolerate cold differently, so ymmv.
    In order to really be effective, I had to make a top cover to help trap body heat inside the hammock - that was worth 5-10 degrees by itself and worked wonderfully. Just remember that IX is a vapor barrier and can lead to condensation problems. I had just a little condensation in mine but it dried very quickly.
    The forth layer at 42" should work ok.
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    IX quilts :

    IXUQ - ripstop+sewn in IX layer (darted and sewn at head+foot end) channels 4 sides on ripstop;
    extra 10"IX on each long side, folded+stitched (60"wide IX; made 40"wide UQ, therefore extra 20" made into 10" sides, folded+sewn at outside edge of UQ's 40"; inside edge of IX left to flap and trap any warm air )

    UQ insert- floating layer IX, with tabs, that can be hung inside UQ for colder seasons, 30s to high 20s.

    Or hung by tabs inside summer UQ of only ripstop with channels 4sides = ripstop+1 layerIX.

    IX UQ combo - 1 or 2 layers ripstop+2 and 1/2 layers IX.

    Deep winter hanging into the teens or lower : IXcombo between down Speer's SnugFit and hammock; the single ripstop layer also becomes an under layer protection of the down Speer's SnugFit, protection from rain or ground or pine sap.

    In deep summer put IX floating layer inside layers on WBBB.

    The ripstop only layer makes a good wind shield over part of the bugnet, in warm weather, if tarp is not needed.
    ( Love to see the moonlight and stars.)

    IXTQ - triangular footbox; ripstop+two IX layers sewn in, with 8"ripstop blanketedge near face, third IX layer removable / unbuttoned.

    This is the only TQ down into the teens. With down booties and clothes as necessary.

    I like that IX gear can be taken apart to suit the seasons. Besides no concern about wet gear.


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