Hello everyone!

I'm now entering my second season as a hanger, starting early this year! I have been inspired by Shug and others to try to extend my camping season with better gear, and have just completed my second DIY IX underquilt, so after a test run last weekend in -3 C we are going out tonight to try -7 C. We are using diygearsupply's plans and his material, which is rated for 0 C, with modified -10 C sleeping bags as topquilts. We are bringing thin self-inflating pads for extra insurance, and plenty of layers. Also acking my new DIY Bush Buddy with an alcohol stove for "Breakfast from the hammock". We are also taking our dog, a full size purebred Howavart, and making a tarp tent with a pad and a winter jacket made out of the hoods from the sleeping bags. I feel well prepared, which i guess is a warning sign . Inspired på Shug we have been documenting the first test hang and the construction process of the underquilts. We have started a channel on YouTube, but I can't get a link to work from my iPad, if you do a search for HamelinHammocks you will find us. The making of the UQ is going up soon, as well as a trip report from tonight. Thanks for all the tips so far, still looking for a good tutorial on whoopie slings, I haven't figured them out yet but I've got 40 ft of Amsteel waiting to be used.

Will hopefully be able to report back with news of our successful trip!

Eric and Sofia