Itís still early days, but Iím playing with the thought of visiting the US for a couple of weeks later this year and trying to figure out what to do while Iím there. I got a taste of multi-day hiking in New Zealand, so I had a look at the John Muir Trail. It looks as if it could be a good hike for somebody with less time (than e.g. half a year). However, Iím not familiar with US trails. What would more experienced US hikers suggest to a foreigner? Things to consider would be:
  • of course I would like to use a hammock - unless the trail would be spectacular enough to compensate for using a tent
  • the hike should not take longer than a month (two weeks hiking time would be more realistic, plus a couple of days for breaks). But it could be a part of a longer trail, in which case Iíd like to pick the nicest part, of course.
  • it shouldnít require special skills (Iím not into survival, rock climbing or the likes - just a regular and not super experienced hiker).
  • meeting nice people would be a bonus.

I hope this is not off topic, but since the ability to use a hammock is an important factor, I figured the best place to ask would be here. Thanks!