I decided to head out for the weekend on a section of the AT/LT. Began the hike at Stratford-Arlington Road and headed toward Glastenbury Mountain. It seemed that the closer I got to Glastenbury, the more bugs. By the time I reached the top of the mountain 12.5 miles later I was being swarmed every time I stopped.

I set up the Speer and MacCat Deluxe near the top of the mountain, had supper and turned in early. It was supposed to be showers and thundershowers beginning in the morning, and fortunately it held off till I'd eaten and packed up. Shortly after heading out on the 10.5 mile hike to Rt 9 east of Bennington, a heavy thunderstorm began and never slowed up at all for over five hours.

It was a great getaway weekend despite the bugs and heavy rain. Slept great in the Speer on a cool, almost chilly, night.