So I'm looking at buying some zing-it or some DynaGlide, but I'm unsure of which to get, and I'd like to not have to purchase both. So here is what I need it for.....

1. I made my wife a hammock and she stole my adjustable ridge line... so I need to replace that on my hammock.

2. I would like to replace my tarp ridge line and guy lines

3. I would like to replace my bear bag line.

My concerns for the zing-it are in the use for the hammock ridge line. I weigh about 270lbs...Would it be okay for me?

My concerns for the DynaGlide are trying to tie knots with it. How well does it hold knots? I generally use half hitches, tautline hitches, and prussiks.

Thanks in advance for the help.