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    Public Usergroups/ Trip Planning Forum Suggestions

    A few weeks ago, this thread came up, asking about regional forums. It comes up from time to time, usually in the context of trip planning, but generally devolves into "it would create disparate groups". For the record, I agree with this stance, and see no need for regional forums.

    However, I noticed in my User CP that there is a "group membership" link. When you click on it, it says that "there are no public user groups for you to join". I'm wondering if this could be of some use. Could we have regional and/or state groups, which we could then send a page to, alerting them of a new trip planning thread in their area? Unfortunately, we are limited to sending a PM to no more than 10 people at a time. If I could post a new trip planning thread, and then send a heads up to the "Ohio" group for instance, it could take some of the frustration out of needing to bump threads.

    This goes in conjunction with a suggestion for Trip Planning forums posting guidelines. The title of the thread should be standardized. My suggestion is that the title should reflect the location, date, and summary, and nothing more. For example: "Dolly Sods, WV - May 4-6 - Group Hang" or "Zaleski State Forest, OH - March 2-6, Hike and Hang".

    This would obviously make more work for the mods until it gains acceptance and becomes common knowledge, but it should help people trying to find local hangs. There's a "Calendar" link at the top of every forum page as well...I'm wondering what can be done with that.

    I'm sure there are twenty ways to skin a cat, and maybe the forum software gives us further options, but not being an admin/ mod I can't tell what the software can do.

    Just food for thought.
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    I'm familiar with quite a few of the popular CMS softwares available. I'm pretty sure, not positive, that HF is running on VBulletin. Yes, there is actually ALOT more that can be done with the software, like public & private user groups.

    For the sake of both trip planning and general social networking I too would like to see the user groups activated in some capacity. I for one refuse to have a myfacespacebook account and HF really is my social network.
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