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    HH Deep Jungle in the... deep jungle

    Quick overnight trip - about 20kms in.

    Video of setup to the sounds of the forest (hope this works). Watch for the mosquito that flies right by the camera early on (looks like a bird!). No commentary - it is a simple setup and you will all know what is going on.

    The forest:

    From inside the forest. There is no challenge finding trees, but often a challenge finding two trees with enough clear space in between to hang a hammock:

    Hammock setup:

    And lastly i like this shot because of the colour of the mud. And it is early on - so just one 'arty' smear - like it was painted on for a movie

    Despite being the tail end of the monsoon it was not too hot (by local standards) and I needed the 4mm closed cell foam. Some light showers overnight but no rain.

    And that is a (what I believe may be one of the last) cuben MacCat Deluxe tarps
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