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    Quote Originally Posted by Narwhalin View Post
    I just called them. The microfiber poly is 3-4oz/yd., unfortunately...

    Does anyone know what the weight of "nylon taffeta" and "supplex nylon"would be? They have some good selection of camo in that...
    "5982-9 is about 2oz. I don't have exact weights from the mill but this is what we calculated with the scale we have here."
    Thank You
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    Just got this e-mail. It is the cotton and cotton blend, but I thought you might be interested anyway.

    We've gone through and lowered most of our prices on light, medium and heavy weight cotton and cotton/blend fabrics in the best hunting patterns to $3.99 per yard. Now you can get Mossy Oak, Realtree, Advantage, Vanish, Mothwing, NatGear and other patterns for $3.99 per yard. These prices are good on inventory in stock so hurry before it's all gone.

    In addition for $25 or more until Dec 5 shipping is free.

    Have fun.
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