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    DL with attached bugnet design question

    I'm about to make a DL gathered end with attached bugnet for my father-in-law. He won't be using an underquilt, so I would like to leave an opening through which he can insert a pad between the two layers. For those of you who have made something similar, did you put the opening on the inside or the outside? The inside seems like it would be easier from a design standpoint as far as attaching the zipper is concerned, but do you risk catching a foot or hand in there during the night and potentially tearing the fabric? I'm making this from 1.1 woodland camo.


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    I attach the bugnet to the outside layer making the opening between layers accessible for inside the hammock. This is the way both Warbonnets and Switchbacks are made.
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    Thanks for the quick response MAD777! That raises another question. Would you stitch the two layers together all the way around (except for the opening) and then attach the zipper through both layers of fabric? Or do you make the inner layer a little narrower which would leave a narrow strip on the long edge of the hammock and attach the zipper to this strip?

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