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    Quote Originally Posted by Raul Perez View Post

    1.1 single, dynaglide whoopies, 2 6' polyester straps, alum toggles, 1.75mm zingit ridgeline, cuben fiber double end bag from zpacks.... 10.5oz

    Boom, there you have it. Exactly what I wanted to know, exactly the setup I think I'm gonna go to. Muchos gracias Raul

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    Quote Originally Posted by ftroop94 View Post
    I'm willing to take that for the comfort I've received from the BB. However, if I can get similar comfort out of the Traveler for winter use I'm looking at a difference of 6 - 9 over my current winter setup. I certainly don't need the netting in the winter.

    Question is, how much a difference does that footbox make and is it worth the roughly 4 oz?
    Can't answer your question with regards to the weight, but I have a Traveler that I used a couple of times. The lay is similar to the BB, although for some reason, it's easier for me to find the perfect spot in the BB. One thing I didn't like, though, was that I kept going over the hammock with my feet in the night. Not a major problem, but it will be interesting to see what a difference the WL Owl makes, once I get it. Should be weighing more, though.

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