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    Can i ask for some advice on ordering extra ozs of down when ordering UQs and TQs. I'm thinking of getting a 0* Incubator and 20* Burrow to cover all eventualities. I can vent the UQ if it gets to warm.

    I see many people adding a couple of extra oz to their order to overstuff their quilts. What would be the benefit of adding 2 extra oz to a 20* quilt compared to the standard stuffed 0* quilt? What sort of temp rating would a 20* incubator have with 2 extra oz of down?

    I'm wondering if a 20* incubator with 2oz extra down would be a better option than the std. 0* version. I'm unlikely to use it down to 0*F in the UK.

    I'm guessing that the answer will be a 10* incubator that weighs 2 oz less than the 0*, is this about right?

    Thanks in advance. I want to get my choice right first time.

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