Well I have now used my UQ for several months here in Florida. I gotta tell any of you that are thinking about getting one... DO IT !!! I can not tell you what a difference an UQ makes in getting a good nights sleep. I have had it on from 28* to 65* and it has worked great.
I went out the other night and it was warm when I went to bed. I had the UQ pulled to the side until I cooled down some, reached under, pulled it under me and slept like a baby.I only have a 15* Marmot down bag for top cover so that was way too much. Gotta figure something else out pretty quick. Any ideas??? I thought about a fleece bag liner or poncho liner for summer.
The incubator is very well made. A perfect size for me (6'3 250lbs). Good for cold and warm weather (I havent even had to loosen suspension yet to vent it). Adam, thank you very much for a very well made "essential" piece of gear, in my opinion. Heading to Linville gorge next month and it will definitely be making the trip with me.