I suppose this is a sign that my thru-hike is approaching quickly, and it's about all I'm thinking about. Last night I couldn't go to sleep and was thinking about hanging out there on the AT. I suppose I finally fell asleep, but I had a doozy of a dream.

I dreamt I was under my tarp in my hammock, but one side of my tarp was straight out (parallel w/the ground), and it started to rain really hard. Some person was under the tarp w/me and I was telling him to hurry up and run over to this huge dead tree branch, by the river, because both my JRB Nest and my overquilt (which was actully the white down comfortor on my bed at home) were draped across this dead tree and they were getting soaked. All I could do was sit there and watch it happen and rain was blowing under my tarp sideways while my down stuff was getting drenched!

A nightmare indeed. I vaguely remember thinking about blowing rain coming in from the ends of my tarp last night, so that's probably what started this. Anyone else have any nightmares related to hammocking?