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    set up questions

    Well I received 9 HHs for scouts and dads heading off to Fla for a week camp on an out island in the Keys, Sea Base. We were setting them up today and the big questions were rope tension, how high to lash them, and I slide down. I tried to answer with my limited knowledge, but I'm asking for some set up advice. I tried to explain the learning curve involves adjusting the tree huggers up/down depending on comfort, retying the hugger lashing to tighten the main line. Any advice?

    I did get the "hey there is a little baggie thing in here", from a dad, learning curve!!


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    When I set up an HH I first tie it about shoulder high. Than get in and stretch every thing out. Take a good 5 minute rest. Then I get out and tighten it up and adjust the heighth so that my feet are a few inches higher then my head. Just two or three inches. I make it so my feet barely touch the ground when sitting in the hammock and my feet out the slit. And I make it fairly tight but I don't use all my might to pull on it. Maybe 35 or 40 pounds or so. Someone once said only tie your hammock as high as you want to fall. Good advice if there are rocks under your head.
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    a rule of thumb which for me has made all the difference is something that was posted here. When the hennessy is hung at the height you want to lie, then follow the natural curve of the hammock up to the support. Where your sightline and the support intersect is where you want your tree huggers to be. Then adjust the hammock to bring the body back down to the level you want to lie at. I hope that makes sense. It has revolutionized the way I hang my HH.
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    Hanging feet up

    Quote Originally Posted by Dutch View Post
    . Then I get out and tighten it up and adjust the height so that my feet are a few inches higher then my head. Just two or three inches..
    Thanx for the advice.
    My first hammock was a non-asym so my feet were 'up'.
    I didn't know this the first time I took out my HH asym and hung it level.
    This really does make a difference.
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