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    First REALLY cold hang!

    Sometimes it's better if you don't know the temperature!!!

    Saturday night, my son and I went out for a hang near the 501 shelter; just a quick overnighter. I knew it would be cool...but I am glad I didn't check the weather forecast for temps!

    My Gear: HH UL Exp Asym w/ Supershelter, space blanket and overcover, plus stock Asym tarp, 15deg synth mummy bag, thermal long johns and top wool socks and fleece cap

    Son's Gear: ENO DN, w/ no sew PLUQ, stock HH Scout Tarp. 15 degree synt sleeping bag. Not sure what he wore. He went to sleep way before dark, and wouldn't rouse for me to help him insulate better...well, live and learn, Kid!
    I know I clearly had the better gear, and would have felt guilty about it if he'd have let me equip him better. Ah, but I'm a parent, the most ignorant species on the planet, right???

    Weather: Calm wind, crisp and clear. I didn't check the temperature, but forcast for "in town" was 35 overnight.

    I've discovered the the HH w/ SS and space blanket still gave me CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome). Putting my winter coat in between the bottom of the HH and the SB added just the right amount to keep my back warm.

    I got up and promptly coaxed the campfire back to life, made some coffee and oatmeal and got warmed up. Greeted the sunrise and was surprised to find my waterbottles full of slush!!!. A nice chilly night in the woods to be sure.
    The kid was still asleep, so I figured he was still fine, or succumbed to hypothermia (just kidding...I checked on him several times through the night, and he was snoozing nicely). About an hour later, the he got up claiming to be frozen to the core, but promptly recovered with some cocoa and oatmeal of his own by the fire.

    When I got home, I checked the weather on the NWS website. The closest weather logs were from Ft. Indiantown Gap post... It got down to 22deg!!!! And that wasn't on top of the mountain like we were!!!

    For a first time in the cold, I consider it a success!!!

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    Nothing like the unexpected cold to make you over prep for the next trip.

    Glad you two did okay in the frigid temps and in my years of working EMS we had a saying, "If you're sleeping you ain't uncomfortable." Sounds like he may have been chilly, but not cold enough to keep him awake.
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    Congrats on a good time! A new UQ around the corner for more adventures?

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    Ah yes, that first night in the cold. Fun isn't it?
    Congrats on your successful arctic encounter! Apply your lessons learned and enjoy the peace and quiet that cold nights bring.
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