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BB - Try power-cycling your Comcast router.

If that doesn't help, PM me with your IP address. We'll look at it from the server side and try to see if traffic is being blocked between HF's server and your router.
Same thing was happening to me. Unable to connect on all the computers on the network. Tried it under both Windows and Google Chrome.
Took the laptop to the library and it worked fine there.
I emailed Just Jeff with my IP address to see if it had gotten blocked at their end.
That afternoon, it started working again at home on all computers.
Went along fine for several days. Made posts and sent PM's to buy something on the For Sale forum.
Then I saw your post and just as I was clicking on the muse to open it to reply and it locked up again!! Another couple of days of HF withdrawal.
Now it is back on again.

Who knows? It's all smoke and mirrors anyway.