I am curious to know just how much stretch there maybe in a 1" nylon strap? Here in the sierras the trees are big so we start with an 8 foot strap which may leave 3-4 feet to place you MSH with toggles into, so you are really stretching 1-3 feet of 1" nylon on each end, if the trees were smaller but the distance between them remained the same the amount of nylon would remain pretty much the same. I am curious as to just how much stretch you will get with a 210 lb. person in a hammock. Using Amsteel 7/64" whoopieslings I assume very little if any stretch in that portion so if you where to start out with 12-18" of clearance between butt and ground I'm hard pressed to be convinced the 2-3 feet of nylon on each end would stretch enough for me to hit the ground. So just how much stretch would you get in the nylon?