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Thread: Nylon Straps

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    Nylon Straps

    I am curious to know just how much stretch there maybe in a 1" nylon strap? Here in the sierras the trees are big so we start with an 8 foot strap which may leave 3-4 feet to place you MSH with toggles into, so you are really stretching 1-3 feet of 1" nylon on each end, if the trees were smaller but the distance between them remained the same the amount of nylon would remain pretty much the same. I am curious as to just how much stretch you will get with a 210 lb. person in a hammock. Using Amsteel 7/64" whoopieslings I assume very little if any stretch in that portion so if you where to start out with 12-18" of clearance between butt and ground I'm hard pressed to be convinced the 2-3 feet of nylon on each end would stretch enough for me to hit the ground. So just how much stretch would you get in the nylon?

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    Sorry, width isn't enough to know. In polyester, 1" straps vary in thickness by a factor of 3, so the fraction of load and stretch depends.

    Anyway, the matter isn't just hitting the ground, it is changing the hang, your comfort, and the way other things fit. If your ridge-lines droops in the night,the iPad you have hanging from it may be in too far away to see in the AM after it has slid away from you.

    Nylon does get a worse rap than it deserves, in that there is initial constructional looseness to be wrung out of it.

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    Nylon straps have the potential to make your hang a misery. Get the polyester ones and get a good night's sleep
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    The range of nylon webbing that is available runs the spectrum of what it could be used for....hundreds of different weaves, thicknesses, and many other variables that could affect how much that type of nylon may stretch. Some may only have a few inches of stretch for a given length while others may stretch several feet in the given span.

    There are lots of options for the indisputed correct stuff, I am not sure why folks still are searching for why's and how's to make the wrong stuff work.

    When I started out I to tried nylon straps (even though I had good ones available to use) and just as everyone warned they stretched a huge amount...regardless of their 2600 pound rating. I ended up dragging my hammock and butt on the ground by morning, which only made getting out of the bottom entry HH an extra pain in the butt. As I got out though I could watch the hammock raise up slowly as the nylon stretched back without my weight inside.

    Try if you must
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