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the recent thread about the tentwing makes me wonder about a half and half - bridge the shoulder end but don't bridge the foot end (or still a bridge, but the foot end designed to not use a spreader bar). could even encorporate a HH style entrance on the foot end and still have the comfort of a bridge.

might be worth a try.
So I had my DMB out tonight, doing a bit of a shake-down before heading out for the trail next week. I remembered this conversation, and so yanked the spreader bar from the foot end. Otherwise left everything the same as when I'm up in full blown bridge mode.

It wasn't bad at all. Two things of particular note. On the positive side, the hammock was far far less "tippy" as I move around. On the negative side, the hammock isn't flat down by the knees and legs, and there's the same sort of hyper-extension as you can get with a gathered end hammock. I think that would be solved easily enough with a pillow or something under the knees. With the wide space up by the shoulders, and adequate space around the hips, this could be quite a viable way to sleep on your back. Not so good for the side or stomach though.