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Almost forgot, when I complained about the measurements being untrue and was educated by the cs rep (I think her name was Brittiany) I also expressed my concern about the "falsely advertised factory taped seems" . I was told and I quote:" Sir, I'm looking at the description of the item you purchased right now and that info is not on there". This is what I copied from the ad:
Performance details:

Constructed of tough 190T nylon
1,000 mm polyurethane water coating
Factory-taped seams ensure waterproof protection
Multiple guy-out points
Guy lines included.

When I stated that they really need to change the ad due to the falsehood of the measurements, I was told that they were awaiting for the product inspector to ok that and also that it was more involved than just changing the site due to the catalog and other things that need approved first. I then told her (Stephanie) that they should just pull the 16x16 out of their boxes and put them into the 12x12 boxes, state that the 16x16 are out of stock, and then run a special on 8.5x8.5 tarps on the net. There was nothing else said.