Hi everybody, I'm a NYC girl whos got twin boys in Scouting since they were tiny little Tiger cubs!! They are now in Boy Scouts which means that we ALL (mom & dad included) will be camping out at least once/month! WHoopie!!!! I totally love the outdoors (except for the critters in the stalls in the night!!) and am new to this whole hammock thing.
With the transition to separate tents for my hubby & I, I've elected to get the Lawson Hammock/mini-tent. I figure if I can't find any trees then at least I still have a tent. I set it up yesterday in my backyard and it works great, but I have two worries: the rainfly doesn't fit tight enough to make it really rainproof, and out of the box it had a 1/2" cut on the hammock part! I really enjoy all of the DIY information at HF and made my own tree hugger and used the single line suspension rigging posted on this site. I substituted 2 carabiners for the rings and am amazed at how quickly I was able to adjust the angle, height and hang of the hammock.
Now I have to decide if I should return the Lawson and get something else, or patch up my Lawson, and make my own rainfly like some of y'all!! Any suggestions?