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    JH and SWT performed GREAT!

    Wow, that was FUN! Spent 2-nights in my JH w/Nest. Slept great other than the usual of having to get up and scold the goats about chewing on the guylines or getting into my gear etc ...just like 2-year olds! Temps ranged in high low 50s but with wind chill dipped into the 40s. ...but I was toasty! The Nest is the best! What was I thinking of almost selling it?

    I posted a pic of my FD ham-mock shack on my blog.

    Nest pix:

    I'll repost once I've edited my YouTube video which is mostly about my silly goats and ham radio - Field day! ...but includes some hammock/tarp stuff.

    It rained Saturday and my new SWT was awesome! Large lightweight traps ROCK!

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