Good afternoon, all!

I sent an email off a couple of weeks ago, but figure that they're busy sewing and that the answers might be available on the forums.

I'm looking to replace my DIY summer quilt that I made out of IX. Nice and light, but feels a little clammy when I get up in the morning, which I don't like. I'm thinking that the 50* burrow might be the trick.

The first question is on the footbox. My TQ's that I made and those bought from JRB have a velcro footbox with a tie at the top to keep in from opening too easily. I'm interested to hear if anyone knows the weight difference between the velcro and snaps, whether or not they have/need a tie at the top of the velcro, and whether or not both options have an drawstring on the bottom of the footbox for ventilation.

Second question is on the length. I am 5' 7" so am considering the short length (69"). Curious to see if anyone around my size has tried the short and if they truly found it to be long enough. The site says that the down is adjusted to maintain temperature rating, so also wondering what that meant as far as amount of down used.

I've also seen some discussion on the boards about using materials other than the 1.1 fabric displayed on the site. Was wondering if anyone has used 7d fabric on the inside with 1.1 on the outside and how that worked out and what it weighed.

Anyhow, thanks for any info that anyone has!