Well, folks, HammockGear is at it, again. We signed a lease to get the keys to a bigger place. The little shop at the residential location was busting at the seams. We're excited to finally have a place where we're not taking turns with the big pattern table, and finally have room for 2 tables, and a sealed room for stuffing the geese in quilts!

The transition this past week and weekend has been anything but seamless... pun intended. Everyone and their brother's going on a hike, so we're shipping as fast as we can, while poor Stormcrow tears his gingered hair out.... We have found that operating an online business is easier to do when you have access to the internet (To clarify the chaos, I had to box up the printer, the boxes,the laptop, and the queue list and drive a block away to our local county library to print out labels, today.)

With all this, we're working at home at night on emails and voicemails as efficiently as we can, but we're likely to miss a couple. PLEASE, if you have not received a reply in the last 24 hours, an email kick-in-the-pants will bring us up to speed.

In the meantime, we'll take a moment and snap some shots to post on here. Your endless support has made all this possible. We are very grateful!!.....and tired.