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welcome to the madness
Isn't that right

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Welcome aloft Gutter. I pray you don't need that knee surgery. I hope to meet you and your mom on a hang someday. Coming to you from Good Ole SC.
Thank you and yes, I still have to have the surgery. Right when I get back from a school trip to DC and on spring break to boot I hope we get to meet you some time too.

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Welcome aboard to HF! From my understanding hammocks luckily have also some therapeutic value, basically it's a sling therapy, and hammocks also are being used in antigravity yoga, that info I've found so far.
Sounds like good therapy to me!

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hey! welcome man
It'll be a while before I get to see you.

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AWESOME and welcome from Pennsylvania
Thank you very much.

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Careful there Dakota....I can "still read" this
Geeze mom, I don't think your supposed to use my real name!! It's all good, I guess

Incase any of you couldn't tell. Mom and I are close. I don't mean any disrespect, we just kid around some times.

Looks like she is going to see how I do on here and how active before making me a donating member. Moms what can I say?