Just wanted to introduce myself to you all. My name is Rick and I am from Fort Payne Al. I retired from the fire department over a year ago with over 25 years of service. I am a registered nurse and have been a paramedic even longer than I have been a firefighter.
I have camped a lot over the years but was always a tent camper. As I became older I camped less and less due to back problems. I have always loved the outdoors but hated waking up with the old backache from sleeping on the ground.
I have never thought about hammocking until recently. My brother-in-law has recently started hammocking with his two boys and some friends. He was telling me about some of their adventures and that sort of sparked an interest. Then just a few days ago I found this site and read for awhile. I soon noticed how much there is to learn and how there are lots of hangers here that are more than willing to help out the newcomers. I was impressed with this and the fact that everyone seemed so friendly and they all have the great common interest of hammocking. So I joined up and am eager to learn. Thanks for such a great site.