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    Quote Originally Posted by streamline View Post
    GRRRR! I just finished one of these. set it up with corner tie outs for a mini-tarp/tarp extension. But I like the mitten hooks you show here, great idea.

    I have used this style pack cover as a water bag, bear bag, pack cover, gear hammock (love this application), mini-tarp shelter, and to block wind in a shelter in the GSMNP. I am brainstorming on making one double as a tarp door. I have also thought about adding strapping to the inside so that I could hang my pack under it when on the bear line.
    The good thing about those mitten hooks is they can be added as an after-the-fact add-on very easily. just pop a few stitches on the ends of your rolled hem and sew them in like they were meant to be there from the get go.
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    I have a curse. I like things to be "pretty" and functional lol. I try to hide extra stitch lines where possible. Doing this tidies up the design but I think it also helps reinforce stitching as well.

    Looking at those changed the way I will do my pack cover. As of now I have the 4 corners with an opening for the corners to tie out to for tarp mode, What I will do now is instead of facing the mitten clips in I will have them face out so they can function as the UQ protector as well as tie outs for tarp mode. This will also allow the corners to be closed accept on two corners ( so I can set it up in hammock gear mode still). I will also use d-rings versus mitten hooks, I have been putting mitten hooks on my hammock for the shock cord to run through to keep the UQ snug to the hammock. I will just run some thin shock cord from the corners up to those mitten hooks and the d-rings will work better for being put under tension.

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    Speaking of UQ protectors, had another idea when I woke up one morning. This means that it will be awesome as a concept or as a failure. My idea would be to make a hammock sock with the ability to turn into an UQ protector. This would not be for gram counters, but some people (Shug?) enjoy one over the other. Why not make something that could be both and then if really terrible weather hits you are ready with the sock for added protection.

    I would create another shockcord tunnel out of the ripstop a bit less than halfway between the bottom of the sock and the top. Sock would be the shockcord-closed variety with the slightly open top. I will try to find the links to the threads these ideas came from. Hopefully it would not be annoying to remove and re-thread shockcord or have some line. The excess gets put under the protector/UQ/Hammock.

    Anyone done this?


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