Hi everyone!

This is my first post. I have been a lurking for months. I have been interested in Hammock Camping for a long time but never really took the time to seriously try it. When I found this site I decided to give it a shot. I bought a ENO Double Nest hammock and a plain ol coated polyester rain tarp and hit the trail. My first night was great. The temperature was about 40-45 degrees and I used my therm a rest and my 20 degree down bag and slept pretty comfortably, although I know I have alot to learn about, it was still a good experience. I am definitely addicted. I have since spent a few nights in my hammock and it keeps getting better. I have even scored an old sewing machine and started learning to sew. I started with some stuff sacks and hope to soon try making a Speers 8x10 tarp. Although I have been an outdoorsman and hiker all of my like, I have to say the information I have found here has been invaluable. I hope to start posting more often and hopefully contribute some helpful information someday. Anyway, just thought I would introduce myself! Hope to talk to you all soon.