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    in a word ....yes! best of all words is to have them all and save the weight somewhere else IMHO I have a zipped bottom entry and like it but am going to add the zippers to the sides soon very soon.
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    I'm one who bought a bottom entry...and loved it. I love the ability to get in and out of the hammock with the tarp pitched tight on it and not worry about brushing the tarp. I love being able to get in and out without bugs following me.

    But just as the others said...trying to reach out to get something was impossible.

    So, a couple of months ago I sent my HHED off to 2QZQ and had their mod 4 done, while leaving the bottom entry in place.

    Since, I've hung twice, and I LOVE having the option of both.

    Personally, I think BOTH is the best way to go. I have no complaints at all about the mod...and I didn't have to pay for both hammock and mod all at the same time....was able to get it done over a period of time.

    My son saw me out at the KC area hang in Jan, and has since upgraded his HH Expedition as well.

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