After hearing about the new suspension and draft collars, I sent an E-mail to Adam. After an exchange of emails I had to call and talk to him. I knew that I wanted the collars but I was hesitant on changing the suspension. I liked being able to get in and slide the UQ up or down as needed. But after talking to Adam, I think I will like the idea of the new suspension. It will help with the CBS. I have found that on cold nights, usually about 3 to 4am, I would start to feel a little cold on the backside. I was going to use a piece of shock cord on the middle tie outs and to ridgeline to help hold up the middle. Hopefully, with the new suspension, I won't have to use it. Can't wait for them to get hear. I have a camp out next weekend, and will be using one of them. Forgot to mention, I sent both my Incubator and Phoenix in for the upgrades.

Thanks to Adam and Jenny, I really appreciate the upgrades.........RR