And I'm clueless. OK, perhaps not clueless but would like a direction to follow since ENO provided no instructions at all. Looked at the Stickies and nothing popped out that could be useful to me. ENO website also had a lack of info.

My objective is to have bug net and hammock stowable inside a dual ended stuff sack or snakeskins. (More help needed on that later)

I have:
Bug net, 1 each
16" x 1/8" dia piece of black cordage, 1 each
13' 10" x 1/16" blue and white string, 1 each

Bug net came with cordlocks on each end and fit the hammock just fine.
Despite the fact I'm going to completely ignore them, I'd still like to know what they consider the standard method.

I've used a stripped 550 cord ridgeline larksheaded to the gathered hammock ends with a 10" piece of bungee to keep tension. Ran the cord inside to lift the net, since the plastic hooks seem useless to me.

I also plan on using a tarp in the VERY near future, as it's about to become a necessity in South GA this summer. It'll be separate, but will also hide in a snakeskin. Have not decided what brand, open to versitile, cheap and well built options.

Question No. 2:
How big of a snakeskin will I need to fit a standard "Whoopied" Doublenest and ENO bug net? HH makes #1, 2, 3 and 4, but doesn't list dimensions or lengths for these sizes. Anyone got measurments on these?

Not intending to DIY them, for $20 I can mail order it quicker. If someone out there cares to do an experiment, the total girth of these two items are around 1 1/4" dia. How small can I go?

Thanks in advance,