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    Juniper Prairie 3/2012

    Just got back from an overnight backpacking trip. 10 Miles total. Very nice hike. Most of the ponds are fairly dry but hidden pond was fine. Saw a fogbow which was neat. Saw scrubjay several times on the way out and a few red widows and sand cranes. Ear plugs are a must in my opinion at this camping site. The racoons are very vocal. My friend heard them at our bear bag tree. They soon moved on to harrass the campers next to us who I don't think had cared to tree their food like I did. Coons = 3am karma against campers who leave trash out.

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    update*** I was there 12/1/12. Water level in spring fed ponds appears to have risen since March. Couple feet at most There was substantial rainfall this summer although it may not have made a large dent in the last few years of deficit. The forest itself has changed dramatically. Parts were almost unrecognizable to me coming from Pat's Island in terms of growth with the addition of several more trees you have to climb over or under. Hidden pond was ice cold and crystal clear this visit. Last visit, it was warm the first few feet and green. It was relatively empty for a 70/50 weekend. Only 10 other campers in one other site showed up. Night was unusually silent. No wippers or chuck widows. Just the coyotes on occasion.

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    Thanks for the update. I hope to get down there this winter.
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