Hello everyone, ive been spectating on this forum for about 6 months now and have been learning a ton from this forum, and am impressed by the sincerity and willingness to help by all members. Im twenty years old and feel refreshed to find a community of people so willing and excited to help one another in todays society and have wanted to join and add my opinions since day one, but didnt know how much i could contribute as a newbie, but everyone's open welcomeness has led me to join and begin posting, and i appreciate the atmosphere on this forum. thank you all so much. Backpacking/camping/hunting/fishing, and everything about being outdoors has always been my passion, so thank you everyone! right now i have a marmot trestles 15, use the cheap blue poly tarps and a ten dollar, use a ten dollar rope hammock from wallyworld, but am planning on biting the bullet and buying a WBBB 1.1 DL because of the popularity on this forum and SGT rock and Shugs videos. I also make some of my own small gear(moneys tight since im a student at OSU) like cat can alcohol stoves and am planning on a DIY UQ out of an old. Any suggestions and/or criticism on my current setup is greatly appreciated. In specific what do you think a synthetic 30 degree sleeping bag would bring me down to if i modified it to an UQ? or how low i could get in my marmot tresltes and a thin fleece sleeping bag modified to act as a UQ? thanks for any feedback and happy hanging!