First a BIG THANK YOU to Huntington Beach State Park. Plus to Captain Smiley and crew, IT Mike (aka rocket man), Gadget (the Zombie hunter), Pudden and Rooster for coming out this weekend. Also to my Wife for helping me get started and for putting up with me during the process. Finally to all the vendors here that donated to the gear raffle.

The gear raffle went Great. We raised $100.00 dollars for the Park. When I went in to give the donation (in the name of the told them how much it was the two ladies behind the counter said. Excuse me how much? They were very happy with us "hammock people" . I think that when I start planning this for next year I should have no problem getting in.

I have some pics to upload from my phone and I will get them up shortly.

Again thanks to everyone that made this weekend happen.