I'll be first, I guess.

The hike and hang was a big success. Big thanks to Old Dog for the 6 gallons of water he cached at the 1/2 way point. We'd all have illnesses from the ugly water that was available. one dozen people in all.

I walked up from Dade City and got lost again. Separated from the trail in a stretch that was infrequently marked and criss crossed with game trails with no real track to follow. then couldn't find it again. Walked for a long ways on a two track I found and misidentified. (they all look alike) I flagged down a pickup and asked if this road went where I wanted and he assured me I was okay That was sort of true. Two hours later, I flagged down the next pickup only to find I was still 10 miles from the water tower and headed away from it. He was nice enough to give me a ride there. Got there just in time to meet MAD777 and a bunch of others who just arrived.

Had a nice night. Turtle lady showed up.FLrider pedaled a beach cruiser bicycle nearly 100 miles to get here.

The Saturday hike was nice and brisk. Old Dog, pushing his "Sherpa" ran us into the ground. We camped next to a prairie (dry lake with grass growing in the bottom) it was beautiful. Owls, turkeys and an occasional Hog had wildlife duties. and coyotes yelping too

The hike in this morning was just fine too. Hitched a ride back to my car from Old Dog and hurried home to wash off the hiker funk.

Grinder, out