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Y'all are writing up a mighty fine trip report. Nice pictures of the area. FLrider, you kill me, you rode a crusier 100+ miles! All I can say is I bow down to you! Grinder, I am finding out, you're a pretty tough guy and lucky too! Old Dog, you da man! Sorry to hear how dry it was, but thats Florida when we don't get the rain. Plus side is that y'all aint' complaining bout them skeeters too much. Really hated I had to miss this outing. As Hangnyak said it best, you all are a fine bunch of people to be around!
Thanks, richtorfla. It's not that hard, though; you just keep on keepin' on until the day is done. S'long as you have ten or twelve hours of sunlight, it isn't that bad.

And, Mike's right; the skeeters weren't too bad. I had a few the first night, but they were mostly absent due to the lack of standing water this winter. Honestly, those durned caterpillars were worse! And I did find one tick on my leg...but that's almost to be expected when wearing shorts down here.

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Beautiful pictures emcee and FLRider.
Thanks, olddog. I appreciate you standing up and taking charge of this whole thing when others had to bow out due to real life concerns. Especially that water cache! We'd have had a tough time on Sunday without it, I think.

Great photos, emcee! I like the captions, too!