1: Never repack your back pack, you'll always for get to put something important back; Like a Ridge line. Thank goodness I always carry extra rope.
2: Good site selection in the winter was a challenge, especially when there wasn't any leaves on the trees; not every "Widow Maker" was obvious. The Park Ranger found this quite amusing as I went from tree to tree looking for an ideal place to hang.
3: A Harbor Freight 8x10 Tarp is a pain to work with
4: I really need to practice my Prussic Knot (Bad Scout Leader ) But when I got it right, it worked like a charm when adjusting the tension of my tarp.
5: Paulies Island Hammock Straps are heavy and at 11' they are way to long and the wrong choice. Think I'll trim them down and make six footers out of them.
6: When I climbed into my hammock, the Hammock Straps either had a bit of stretch or were just cinching down. I wound up about three inches closer to the ground than I liked. Thank god for whoopie slings - one of the best ideas I've gotten from this site.
6: I need a better Mosquito Net, the mosquitoes in North Jersey are monsters, the four I killed on my legs were almost a 1/2" long. Gonna have to make a bug sock
8: Never setup a hammock with Scouts around, they'll ask if you plan on sharing your hammock.
9: Even with a tarp, in a heavy wet, misty fog, your gonna get wet.
10: The best sleep I ever had, I had this weekend. What in the world have I been doing all these years sleeping in a tent. I've just been schooled - THANKS HAMMOCK FORUM