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    New DIY Bridge Hammock

    Here are some pics of my new DIY bridge. I took some cues from the Chrysalis and made it so my feet extend up to 14" beyond the spreader bars. I also made a shelf at the head end for storage. Supposedly it's made from 1.6 oz ripstop, but I literally can't tell it apart from the 1.1oz that I have. The spreader bars are both 36",
    the triangles are 36",
    the cat curve is 6",
    the distance between the bars is 64" to make it 78" overall in length.
    Header ratio = 1.15
    Footer ratio = 1.33
    Weight with triangles = 7.25oz
    Whoopie slings 1.5oz
    Extra long Tree straps = 4.05oz
    The spreader bars are the real killer at 9.9oz. I have to get start using my hiking poles

    I still haven't put the bug screen on yet so that will add some weight.

    Overall this is the best laying, most stable hammock I have made. There's virtually no shoulder squeeze. It's wide enough to cross my legs or curl up on my side. If I scoot up a few inches toward the header my head will fit under the spreader bar and the edge of the shelf acts like a pillow yet I can sit up and miss the bar.

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