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Should i use a RL on top of the tarp or have the tarp ride on the RL? I have seen both ways but was curious which is the best of the two.

Hang from the Tarp RL or suspend below the RL.
I have the DryFly and I just recently started putting the tarp over the ridge line but only because I am using 550 cord (which I hate) and it's very hard to get the clips onto the cord. I haven't run into any problems yet.

There is a bit of a learning curve to setting this tarp up for us newbies, but once you've done it a few times you start to get the hang of it... no pun intended I haven't had any issues with getting wet or having buckles slip but I also haven't had any winds stronger than maybe 15mph either. But it is built very sturdy, although a little heavy also.

I will be upgrading in the next couple of months or so because I also have an issue with its size. There isn't a lot of room to store your pack, especially if you're hanging low. Which, because of the size of the DryFly, you pretty much have to in strong rain.