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    Trip report; advanced arctic survival course.

    I've just returned from the Arctic after 4 days of hammock camping and 6 days of intensive professional arctic survival training in Norway, 100 miles inside the arctic circle with Bushcraft Expeditions.

    The location was Overbygd, near the Dividalen mountains in Malselv region, Tromso, Northern Norway.

    We were taught about
    Emergency firelighting
    Tree felling in extreme cold, including axe work
    Quinzee building
    Shelter building
    Natural bedding materials
    Arctic trapping
    Emergency shelter building
    Snow graves
    Safe ice crossing
    Cold camp admin
    Equipment needs
    Water procurement
    Ice fishing
    Safe group travel
    Safe knife work
    Survival knots
    Cold injuries

    The first 3 nights were spent 2km from the airport in the woods that Harstad kindly recommended us to stay in. We weren't dissapointed, they were beautiful boreal piney and birchy woods.

    Set up in snow shedding dangly mode

    My friends lightweight Lavvu

    Pertex DIY hammock, Exped 9 lw mat, Wiggys Ultima Thule -20F sleeping bag on Dutch hooks, buckles, whoopies and tarp Flyz with experimental cleats.

    The cookset for the trip. Trangia 27 with omnifuel mod, alcy cat stove, thermos flask, hobo stove and large saucepan lid to capture waste heat and collect snow.

    Whittled myslef a birch spoon;

    Snowy tarps rock;

    My homemade roll up dyneema toboggan;

    The journey to the course in the bus; we were to spend the next 5 nights sleeping in our shelter and snow holes/quinzees.

    My friend and myself's shelter we built for the course duration out of pine and birch and a poly tarp;

    Our fireplace;

    Snow melting in action;

    Drilling holes in the ice for water and fishing;

    Our group at a mountain hut;

    A 10 man emergency mountain shelter we built;

    Icey guy-lines;

    My winning emergency fire at the back of our quinzee

    Hard at work;

    Nice food;

    After the course, 5 of us we walked up to a mountain hut and camped near a lake for the last 2 nights in the arctic.

    Hammocking by a frozen lake;

    Northern lights;

    Experimental cleats that worked great;

    Lots more pics here and more to follow

    A big thanks to Woody and Ross at Bushcraft Expeditions for teaching us so much and to the guys on the course who were fantastic company.

    It will never be forgotten .

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