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Naa, only been in Dividalen in those seasons without knee-deep white stuff....
Hope i can to go there this summer too!
I'll be returning to Dividalen again sometime too.

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for this Trip Report. Great Pictures.

Regards Dirk
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Very cool Thanks for sharing!
Pleasure guys, glad you liked it.

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Turnerminator, that looks pretty wild to a southern boy like me, and thanks for posting! I guess if it was warm enough to rain your Wiggy's bag was not even challenged temp wise? Did you manage to keep it dry?

Your clothing choices sound real interesting, I need to research some of those.

We don't get to do the deep cold thing very much in this part of the country. But we do get challenged fairly often with the wet and real close to freezing scenario.
Hi Billybob, the bag stayed dry as long as it was outside of the bivvy bag. Inside it, it was such an effective insulator with 5" of loft that no heat was escaping to warm up the goretex, it was a vapor barrier in effect.
To really test the bag out, I climbed in in damp clothes every night and used it to dry them out, hence the bag getting damp in the bivvy.
It never felt cold though, presumably becuase the moisture had moved through the insulation and got stuck in the outer layer..
On the 7th day, it rained very heavily and water was dripping on me all night from the tarps ridgeline, and also from the sides (never had this before, the condensation was ridiculous. The tarp had gone slack due to the deadmen melting out and the nylon slackening). I was outside of the bivvy bag just lying on the downmat and the top of the bag was soaking wet. It didn't soak through at all. I used it the next night without drying it out knowing it wasn't going to drop below -5c , again to test it and it was bone dry the next morning. It certainly seems to stay drier than other synth bags I've owned, even those with monofil batting.

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Hey Pete; great report and pics. I especially like your list of what works and what doesn't. Experience is a great teacher. . Glad you came away with a good experience and good friends.

Glad you enjoyed it Bill

Lots of lessons were learnt, very valuable ones too mate. I had no place being out there before without this training, I would have been a liability.

The skills need practising though, and a return is being planned for next Feb;either Canada or back to Scandinavia.

I can't wait for next winter again now!